Monday, December 05, 2011

the planning for the trip

it was mid october when i really began to think seriously about coming back down to chile.  i had a decent amount of air travel miles, so i started to explore those options, there were some pretty decent flights available for 20,000, and even more appealing was a 1st class seat for 35,000 (miles, not dollars not pesos, miles).  i was getting close to clicking the buy button, i simply had to contact several people in chile to see if they would be home to receive me (summer is round the corner, much of the country heads to the coast or mountains).  

before i'd heard back from anyone, i received a notice from the los angeles county court system, that i had been randomly selected to serve for jury duty during the week of nov 14th - 18th (that's what you get for voting) the problem is, the way the system now functions is that they have you on hold, so you don't have to appear in person, you call in the night before and their system notifies you if you are obligated to appear the next day, nice because you don't have to show up everyday, however there is the risk that you could be called upon to appear the last day of the week and if chosen to serve that case could cross over into the next week.  

so i was unable to commit to a ticket or date not knowing if i might be held over.  and so i waited, survived the week without having to appear. but all those great flights were now gone, suddenly the 20,000 mile fares had crazy itineraries - lax to phoenix 23 hours at the airport then a flight to dallas and 9 hours more.  the first class flight was long gone.  the next option was buying a flight or ponying up another 10,000 miles for a more reasonable flight;  all the lax flights were still anywhere from 9 to 12 hours of layovers some over three flights.  then i saw a flight out of burbank and jumped on that: it was burbank to dallas, a 1 hour and 10 minute layover in dallas, then off to santiago.  

with ticket in cyber-space, i set about the task of preparing to get everything ready to go:  the boat; i wanted to clean the bottom, get everything buttoned up topside and interior, tanks, electrical systems, bilge, and address some leaky spots in some of the ports.  the biggest inhibitor to beginning these tasks came from the presence of my laundry, which seemed to be strewn about the boat, with a variety of mail that required shredding, dirty dishes in the sink, a fridge that needed to be shut down and cleaned out, it was a bit overwhelming.  to distract me more from the seemingly insurmountable task at hand was a friend who had need for some serious medical attention.  several members of the congregation came together to get him into a county hospital so as to address his condition which he'd been living with for several months with no sign of healing.  the six days that he was in the hospital seemed to have had a positive affect on him both mentally and physically.  

in addition i wanted to see my siblings and their new babies before leaving, this self invitation came with a warning that both households were sick.  i felt it was worth the risk, so i went down on that saturday afternoon, and enjoyed a few hours of time with them all.  that sunday afternoon i went back to the hospital to visit our friend with another friend (zara) from church, she claimed not to be able to smell.  later that week on tuesday i cleaned the bottom of the boat, the water didn't look so good, so i pulled the boat half way out of the slip so while i cleaned it would be in a less confined space.  where am i going with this? well; i got sick -- was it the babies, the hospital, proximity to zara or the dirty sea water, only One can say, but the prospect of being toxic and in a state of weakened immunity on a plane was not very appealing to me.

the procrastination had continued long enough i needed to do my laundry  . . . 

this saga will continue

he'sssss backkkkk

where to begin?  -- let's start all over again,

i know over the last few months and years i've expressed an intent to return to chile, in march of 2012 it would have been three years since i concluded my last visit.  the plan at the time was to come back to the states and visit family and friends, with the expectation that i would return to santiago to be with my friends prior to the november due date of their baby matteo.  most of you know that never happened, as i got caught up in a number of different activities; through church, extended visits with family, some courses online, other personal studies, and an amateur  recording project, in addition; a great deal of time was waisted.  there are many of you i could have spent more time writing too, socializing with, and just developing closer friendships with, i hope to improve drastically in that area.  restarting this blog is an attempt to do just that.  

you might ask, why not facebook?  (can i use that name without having to pay a licensing fee?) seems confining and impersonal to me.  i don't really know if this is much better, some of the positives i see: is that i'm not repeating myself, meaning my individual emails can be more personal;  i'm not limited in characters, so i can ramble on forever, and  you can choose to read or not; my names not popping up to your friends as a potential new friend,  i have a hard enough time giving those of you who are friends the appropriate attention a friend should.   so lets see how this goes, the hope is that i can spend a short amount of time reaching many with as much info as pertinent and then concentrate on language skills here and the advancement of the Gospel. 

Saturday, August 22, 2009

what was i thinking?

hey, the laziest blogger you know, is an even lazier facebook friend.

i don't know who still checks this out anymore, many of you may have resorted to sending me emails to which you have probably not received a reply. many apologies. brief history in my time. i have been back i the states since the 3rd of april (still haven't completed my taxes) hit the ground here in the marina with boat maintenance and visits with friends, family and plugging in at church. two months later and i was on the road again; what was supposed to be a two week trip to utah expanded to a full month, this resulted in my not returning to la but rather, going on to the bay area to visit with more friends and family and attend the wedding of my friend jodi. again my plans were not set in stone, so i expanded my visit to a four week period.

now i've been back in los angeles for another 4 weeks, getting more boat items removed from the "to do" list (taxes still on that list) if you are one of the many emailers who has given up on getting a response, i'm trying to change my ways.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

26 march 2008

what to report, what to report.

the weather has been really nice. i'm pretty comfortable with the public transportation system. wishing i'd brought my bike instead of the surfboard, not many waves to catch in santiago. i'm usually good with directions but sitting in the back seat has left me a bit confused about some of the directions where i'm staying. we seem to take a number of different routes coming and going. the bus is only one direction so now that i've taken that things are falling into place.

i've been catching up on class work and getting somethings together for the project, we are moving forward and there are some people who have expressed interest in helping. i'm trying to get into a personal study program for spanish but i've been finding a great number of resource tools online for my studies. i may take some private classes as i may need that kick start.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

back? - i didn't know he'd left

deepest apologies to all who've used this to keep up with me. some of you know i was home and running all over seeing family and a few of you i had the great pleasure of getting to share some brief visits. to those of you who i didn't manage to see or even contact i'm sorry. perhaps upon my next visit.

so here's the latest tale: i had lots to accomplish on my short visit, the biggest expense and concern was the boat. i really didn't fully resolve the issue, but it won't be totally neglected as my brother is going to be able to use it as a resting place if any opportunities arise for him in the film industry in los angeles. then there was the hope of getting together with the producers of "the way of the master", this didn't pan out as i was on the road out of los angeles for much of my visit. but they did have some very interesting news concerning a couple who live in santiago who expressed and interest in helping to get this series into the hands and hearts of the spanish speaking community. they were in the southern california area while i was there, but again our schedules were not quite compatible. i'll be contacting them today in hopes that we can meet here in santiago and work together.

the other event that took place while in los angeles was that my computer which was 5 and a half years old, by apple terms it's an antique, had a video card failure. the miracle here was that this took place just after i'd backed up the entire system. that includes all photos from the last year as well as the entire project with 24 translated episodes, i have to testify that i believe this was divine intervention. my friend nigel was gracious enough to allow me to use his employee discount on the purchase of another computer. so now if you skype me you can see me.

i've been taking a couple of classes online and the loss of the computer really was a bit of a set back, i'm playing catch-up now, so i'll have to keep this short. i have made it my goal to keep this blog up todate more often.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

merry Christmas

many of you may not know that i'm back in the states, i wanted to surprise my mom, so i didn't let you know. so i'll bee around until the 29th of feb. i hope to contact and see as many of you as possible. have a merry Christmas.

it's a long story on just why i came back i'll try to give the details in a bit.

Friday, November 16, 2007

no problems here

i felt some rumbling but the area affected is 20 hours north of us. hadn't even heard of the damage until some of you called. thank you for your prayers. my apologies for not keeping things updated here, i am pushing hard to keep up on the class work i promise updates soon

Saturday, August 04, 2007

3 aug

today we did in 5 hours what a forklift could have accomplished in 10 minutes - we moved three tons of bricks from the ground floor to the 2nd story which is not yet built. much of the construction in chile is constantly in progress. this church will soon be two stories. the job was actually fun as we were tossing the bricks to each other in a fire line. most everything that people feel they me use again one day is thrown up on the roofs of their homes, it's baffling as some homes don't look like they can hold the weight, add to that the fact that this is earthquake country and some folks are going to have repercussions one day.

our group is being split in two days, i'll spend the rest of next week here in arica and the other half of the group will head south closer to the city of acica where our last two weeks will be spent. time is really moving now as we've been kept pretty busy with this church.

29 july - 22 july


four more weeks left, two in arica and then to a city which is a bit larger and south called acica (sp) from there it's back to pichilemu, where they've been battling the cold, apparently they've had a breathing epidemic in the town, i'm praying things will warm up and folks will be getting healthy again by the time we return there.

the last week has been one of much rest, we stayed outside of arica in a campground. i'm not quite sure if i have the details completely right: the pastor at the second church we visited a month ago is somehow involved in ownership or renting this property (but they didn't come out to visit us) the congregation from the last church we visited was very actively involved with us. they brought us mattresses and bedding, food and water. there was a pool, that was half full of green water, so the guys started bailing it out with 5 gallon buckets. samuel and robinson lead the charge, this was pretty ammusing as the soil here hasn't seen this much water since the last tsunami. the sandy soil just pooled the water. the next day the water was gone in most areas but when we walked over those places the soil caved in. we also had an incident with the loss of electricity in the commodore which is doubling as the guys sleeping quarters. i'm always leery of electricity (even in the states) but things are down right scary here. the area that flooded was also where the subterranean power supply was located. it started sparking and burning later in the day which when i thought about the fact that we'd been walking around that area in the puddled water and sinking into the soggy mud made me conscious of how we were being protected. i did get a pretty good shock trying to turn on an outdoor light switch 220 volts ain't fun.

the rest of the week was spent filling the pool back up and fighting off wild dogs. they were pretty bold, entering our kitchen and eating anything that wasn't tightly enclosed. they also were able to dump over the 55 gallon barrels which held our trash (pretty impressive for a cocker spaniel) i chased them off from day one but someone in the camp was feeding them and encouraging them to come around. i didn't eat for the first 4 days i was there a group of 4 of us were baptized in the pacific, then the congregation threw a party for us. benjamin made ceviche and they brought out a chinese chef (yes, he made chinese food) i went a bit overboard (having not eaten the previous day) my stomach was upset as i ate much and did the heavy spice thing.

15 july

today was a pretty great day of relaxation. i was a bit concerned about the timeline as i'd been invited to have high tea in the early evening with friends we'd made at our last church. meanwhile during the day the assistant pastor had offered to take us out for the day. my worry was that we might be out for the full day and be unable to contact our hostesses.

we rose early and had quiet time and breakfast at the regular times, then it was sitting around and waiting for the cars to arrive. it was supposed to be 11ish but the actual time was 12:30ish. we ventured up to the largest of the three fertile valleys, which surprisingly was not far out of town before you could see the groves of olive trees, banana trees and tomato vines. amazing fact we were told that each mature olive tree will yield a ton of olives, a kilo (2.2 lbs) is $4 here, an eight oz can in california is over a $1 that's pretty amazing when we saw these fields of thousands of trees. i thought it odd that the villas weren't grander.

we made our way up to a museum in the valley where the claim to fame there is the oldest recorded mummy. the cost was preclusive to some members of the group so we drove around the valley. there were the geoglyps - ancient designs out of rock on the hillsides. we then scales a hillside, i did it barefoot as my flip flops didn't do so well in the sand. down was much faster and easier, bounding. this is sort of short and cryptic as i'm in front of the school, getting strand looks from hte locals.

we managed to make it to the dinner with our hosts had a there's more to this and i'll hopefully update it all in the future.

updating the blog is a bit more of a challenge

this week as the one hotspot i found is at a school, the problem is it's closed for their winter break, and in order to pick up the signal i have to pass my computer through the bars of the gate and hold it in one hand and hunt and peck with the other.

the "it's a small world" aphorism is an excuse to avoid recognizing that there are no accidents. i've had these chance encounters on so many occasions recently and in the past -- i used to write them off as amazing coincidences, but i've come to the realization that stasticticly everyone of you would have to be traveling every single day i've traveled in order for me to have had these encounters by mere chance. since most of you don't have blogs indicating that you are out there everyday traveling i have realized that these encounters are not random statistical coincidences, but that there is a Creator -- He has a sense of humor, He reveals Himself daily to those who are open and earnestly seeking.

i was going somewhere with this, oh yeah, yet again i've had several run-ins that are confirming i am in the place where i'm supposed to be: two weeks ago i was in a local supermarket here in arica (pop 180,000ish) i was waiting in the area near the cash registers when this guy who was also waiting asked if i was from california, this threw me as i hadn't said anything or spoken near him. he thought i was in town for the rip curl surf competition. turns out he saw the travel badge on my back and recognized marina del rey. after a bit more discussion he mentioned that he is in a shooter living in santa monica, his mother lives in arica. strange to met someone in the same union in a line for groceries in south america, in la most everyone you meet falls into some industry category, but down here i left town to get away from all of that.

so the latest encounter was last week at the church we are working with; the pastor here knows the pastor i went to cambodia with in november, "the circle is now complete" that pastor from cambodia wrote my referral letter for the discipleship program i'd applied to ywam in australia, i was visiting his fathers church in santiago when i met mitch, the director of the ywam base here in pichilemu, are you confused?:

muddy explanation --

met isreal and debbie in cambodia (oct 06)
while traveling through so. america i started ap process for ywam surf dts in perth australia (jan 07)
had asked israel to write a pastoral referral for the application
stayed at the church of israel's father (jose) while in santiago. (feb 07)
met mitch anderson director of ywam base in pichilemu
that same day recieved email from perth that israel submitted pastoral referral
went to pichilemu to check it out.
a week later perth folks sent odd email that they couldn't find referral (march 07)
israel had sent a copy to me which i used for the pichilemu application
home for twelve days (march 07)
back to chile and began dts classe (march 07)
after the first week i wanted to move over to the counseling school - leaders wouldn't let me.
had to decide where i wanted to go on out reach (stay in chile or go to so. africa via germany) (april 07)
got a clear message in writing that i was to stay in chile.
outreach to arica (june 07)
met camera guy in market, (july 07)
at the church met pastor who knows israel and debbie, (july 07)
same day got email from base in australia